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Plastic Spring Rocker for Playground

Product Information

Model Number: KQ60170F

Age Group: 2-5

Dimensions L*W*H: 75*62*82cm

Play Capacity(users): 1

Material: LLDPE, spring

Product Terms Of Business

Minimum Order Quantity: 1set

Delivery Time: 2 weeks

Payment Terms: 30% deposit, balance pay before delivery

Supply Ability: 300 sets per month

    Product Description

    Besides the climbers in the modular playground, we also offer wide range of independent climbers. These independent climbers are made of different materials and different sizes to meet your different requirement, there are net climbers, dome climbers, cubic climbers, climbing wall etc. You will easily find one suitable climber for your schools, parks, resorts, family entertainment center or other recreational area. 
    There are many benefits of climbing: 
    1: Improve body coordination
    When a child is three to five years old, it is the best stage to exercise his physical coordination. Learning to climb at this stage is conducive to the coordination of his hands, feet, eyes and body. When the children decide to climb up, in order to continue climbing, they have to pay attention to where they can grasp, where is the next step and how’s the route should be, so this is a combination of body and mind and needs a high-intensity training, which is of great help to children's physical coordination training.
    2: Help to explore and adapt to new environment
    When a child is climbing up, he has to think about where I should go next. It's safe. It's the range and distance I can bear, so it will stimulate the child's own exploration ability. And climbing to a certain height, the children's perspective is not the same as his usual perspective, which is also conducive to children's understanding and adapting to the new environment
    3: Help children concentrate
    When children are on the climbing frame, they leave the ground, and their hands and feet are attached to the climbing frame. No matter they are going forward or backward, they will focus their attention. They need to focus on grasping and stepping on. They need to focus on thinking about how to go next. They need to focus on stepping on and holding firmly. Therefore, climbing helps children focus their attention.
    4: Help to enhance children's self-confidence
    Climbers are kind of thrill and adventure for children especially some high climbers. It need courage and strong ability to climb. After they climb, they actually have a sense of achievement. 
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    Product Applications

    Schools, parks, resorts, hotels, apartment, community, daycare, children hospitals, restaurant, supermarket

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